Nxasana Family the purpose of this website 

Firstly, welcome. This website has been created for our family to recognise our heritage and, in so doing, honour our ancestors. Their actions have allowed us to arrive at the place where we find ourselves today. You may recognise the illustration at the top of this page as being of Solomon Nxasana. Born in 1865, Solomon's life was a fulfilled one and makes for interesting reading. As such, his story has become the focal point of our journal and we thought it appropriate to honour him as the patriarch of this website.

Page through, have a look around, leave comments if you like but, most of all, enjoy the website.

The Family Crest

“This is the family crest of Judy & Sizwe Nxasana family. It shows the Nxasana origins, the unparalleled beauty of the rolling hills, fields and rivers of Ixobho and Creighton.

   The Steer denotes strength and protection, and represents "S'khonza ngenkomo"

   The Sun rays denote success, triumph of knowledge, progress and a bright future

   The Snake represents "Nyok'emnyama ecand'isiziba" and pays homage to our rich history"

Latest Blog Post

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 08:19 / Written by Anonymous (not verified)
I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since Sifiso’s passing! Lala uphumule Nonduna, we were lucky and blessed to call you one of our own.So much has happened since:On the 18th May 2012 we were blessed with a grandson, Phila who turned 1 two weeks ago! Siyabonga koZikode!On the 6th September 2012 Sizwe received an honorary Doctor of Technology Degree in Accounting from Durban University of Technology, Halala Nonduna, Mbekela, Dunjana, Siyaziqhenya ngawe!Read more